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Swairah breaks pre-production, production process, and post-production services into key service areas. Our advantage is that customers can choose services individually based on strategic outsourcing needs. Swairah will work with you to create an individualized contract manufacturing program that fits your specific needs

A written proposal will be submitted outlining the Project Lifecycle, costs, warranty, support, and all other relevant issues to support the project


Swairah believes that at the start of any contract manufacturing relationship it is critical to demonstrate an understanding of the unique manufacturing challenges provided by each product. To meet these issues, Swairah’s experienced prototype assembly team works closely with the customer and can move rapidly to understand these manufacturing challenges while defining and documenting the manufacturing process. The team is trained to treat each customer and product individually to clearly identify the manufacturing processes that work best that project.

In addition to identifying the manufacturing process that works best, the prototype team will also work with the customer on the final product design. Our focus is to provide design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis and point out cost reduction and performance base enhancement opportunities for each individual product at the prototype level.

Under the pre-production process, the Contract Manufacturing Center can complete either single prototypes or slightly large pilot build exercises giving the customer confidence and a complete understanding of the manufacturing process.

Generate Build of Materials
Understanding product materials and components at a compatibility and quality level is critical to delivering a superior product to the end user. The Contract Manufacturing Center incorporates this understanding into the production process at a pre-production level. Our commitment is to work with the customer to determine the best available components for each product design. This means suggesting component alternatives where applicable that will result in consistent quality at often dramatically cheaper costs.

Material Lifecycle
Material obsolescence is an issue addressed within our industry. Therefore, knowledge of Material life-cycle issues and the application of this knowledge to contract manufacturing services is a natural extension of our services abilities. The Contract Manufacturing Center is dedicated to making every effort to notify customers of a material's end of life with enough time remaining to stock a sufficient supply for remaining product needs. Swairah is also able to lead material selection efforts for redesigning products based on obsolete materials.


Product Display


Swairah provides complete box-build for high-end retail display. As a standard, we use production facilities  ISO 9001:2008 certified and can manage complex productions with precision and a focus on quality.

Product Deployment

We make sure the products are built 100% at per developed specifications pre-developed to match end-customer's environment. Our commitment to the process allows to deliver a true turn-key product.

Quality Control

Swairah is committed to providing the highest quality assurance. We make sure the manufacturing contractor have an inspection procedure at every stage during the process and at end of the day, it is standard policy of Swairah to offer Third Party Inspection for every production run before leaving the plant for shipping at manufacturer’s cost. Swairah also reserve an exclusive right to pick and choose third party inspection team of our’ clients choice worldwide for compliance perfection.



During this developmental stage, we will develop work instructions for the final production units and design custom packaging material for your product. The prototypes will be provided to you for final acceptance.


Swairah will act as a "virtual warehouse" for you and will stock you’re finished or semi-finished products in secured areas. From the secured storage area, products will be delivered to your specified destinations on an order-by-order basis.

Distribution & Fulfillment

Swairah will ship your products to their required destinations in a timely manner. Packaging may be privately branded with your name and logo, and may be blind shipped to keep our involvement transparent to your customers.

RMA & Support

You may take advantage of our RMA process to return products under warranty. Swairah offers three-year return-to-depot warranty on all products for any manufacturing defect. Extended warranty options such as 24/7, response on-site customer services are also available.

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