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What We Do ?

We help our clients to make operational their business strategies and transition successfully to the desired future state

Swairah offers a full range of business consulting services integrated through the application of our unparalleled expertise. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop solutions that maintain the momentum and leadership needed to design, implement, and sustain radical improvements. As a result, we are able to help companies & Individuals work smarter and faster to make decisions, take action and achieve results. Swairah is a product development support.

While we always tailor our solutions to meet each client's needs, our work typically involves solution engineering and implementation.

Solution Engineering:

We work with our clients to quickly assess their goals and challenges by investigating the three critical areas of operation: Research, process, technology and organization design. This holistic approach allows us to objectively focus our efforts on the people, processes and tools that are critical to the initiative's success. Once we’ve gained a deep understanding of our client’s objectives, priorities, resources and obstacles, we lead our clients in designing a solution; embedding client ownership from the start.


Designing effective solutions is only the first step of leading critical initiatives. Even the greatest business strategies have no value if they cannot be implemented with a commitment to a shared vision and purpose. Achieving sustainable benefits from strategic initiatives requires the ability to inspire people to adopt new attitudes, processes and technologies and to see themselves in the change. That’s why our team is committed to the work of change management.

As objective change leaders, Swairah's consultants are able to break through perceived organizational, economic, and technological barriers that threaten to slow progress and reduce benefits. Leading companies frequently engage us to provide Executive Oversight, Program Management and Change Management for implementing initiatives that transform their Product Development Operations. Our commitment to implementing changes swiftly and effectively makes us an ideal partner in our clients' success.




* Assisting investors to manage their investments and portfolios with un compromised confidentiality.
•Seeking supply partners in and outside United States of America.
•Attract and accompany investors in their projects with the government authorities in terms of time coordination for this purpose as PR Company.
•Local representation of international companies in different fields and the follow-up of companies and projects shares sale and purchases services for its account and the account of its clients.
•Auditing and review activities on its clients accounts, whether directly or through specialized offices.
•Representation clients before all the public and private institutions.
•Study and improvement of import and export markets for local and international clients and provision of market on the intended transacting or local partners data.
•Consultation services in securing training and upgrading the qualified teams and human resources in and outside United States of America.
•Leading dialogue for the account of others with the potential partners and performance intermediary activities in all aspects.
•Incorporation, registration of foreign and local companies and processing licenses and recruitment of skillful employees.
•Providing integrated services for businessmen and investors in organizing sports competitions and connecting the direct and indirect contracts with the sponsors and represent them in the field of service and making available the contracts with the mass media of all kinds.
•Organization of conferences, symposiums, gatherings, exhibitions, declaration campaigns for businessmen and investors, parties, coalitions and associations.
•Securing the execution , consultations, investment and international/local services jointly with or on behalf of them and also participating in the different tenders.
•Providing business, investors, public, private, parties, gatherings with declaration proposals in and outside United States of America together with the necessary services, whether directly or through contracting with the concerned companies.


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The Swairah Method™ for Project & Program Management:

An effective application of the PMBOK standards specifically designed to strike the right balance between achieving project milestones and supporting organizational change.


The motivational interviews, the understanding and interpreting, the documentation just couldn't be better. I want to thank you for conveying such a great feeling of being part of a big, big change for the better for our company. We are certainly moving in the right direction."


Nothing takes the place of doing something.


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