Alone you are strong, together we are stronger. You should Control the Project, do not let the Project Control You!!

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Project Management
Business Process Redesign
Organization Design
Technology Implementation & Adoption
Program Management
Merger & Acquisition Integration
Training Design, Development & Delivery


Who We Are

We are a team of exceptional business consultants with broad and deep experience in Change Management But here’s what really defines Swairah consultants:

  We are passionate about helping our clients to operationalize their strategies and create sustainable change.
  We make change stick by improving all critical operations areas: process, technology and organization design in product development life cycle.
  We work collaboratively with our clients. This creates a sense of ownership and involves the client in the change for better.
  Although we have proven methodologies, our approach is always tailored to best meet our clients’ needs. This customization ensures that we can achieve their goals in the shortest amount of time, lowering their product  development budget to the maximum extent without compromising the preferences and quality of product.
  Our consultants become experts on our clients’ work, which enables them to suggest radical improvements, alternatives and enhancements.
  We work quickly to help our clients achieve milestones in 30-, 45- and 60-day increments. These milestones reinforce buy-in and fund future improvements.
  Swairah’s services are applicable across the globe, in terms of Leather and Textile base Apparel and accessories.
  We quickly achieve measurable results by engaging our clients to ensure the sponsorship and success of each change initiative.


How can we help you?

To discuss how our team can help & your business achieve real results, please

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The Swairah Method™ for Project & Program Management:

An effective application of the PMBOK standards specifically designed to strike the right balance between achieving project milestones and supporting organizational change.


The motivational interviews, the understanding and interpreting, the documentation just couldn't be better. I want to thank you for conveying such a great feeling of being part of a big, big change for the better for our company. We are certainly moving in the right direction."


Nothing takes the place of doing something.


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