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Why Swairah

Dedicated to our valued Clients

I started Swairah in 1994 having a dream to help those who are creative, ambitious and smarter than average people and want to do something special in their life, but like first generation college students, they do not have enough guidance and help to  work them through steps of the Product Development process as well as supervising their project to guide them to the right manufacturing partners to get their proto types, packaging and printings done as well as providing them insight of the project to prepare for un seen obstacles to deal with international manufacturing industry. This was the main goal to start swairah however during the process, some small and some big brands came across hiring swairah services to supervise their manufacturing projects under development in far east and south asian markets. Swairah been offering project management services to minimize their overhead causing due to the Product Development and sourcing departments.




Swairah is a Manufacturing & Product Development sourcing company.
Swairah is here to help you to bring your concepts to life without using any of your Company resources.
Swairah offers every piece of production inspected in manufacturing plants by third party inspection teams selected by you and all the costs are paid by Swairah.
Swairah also pay Auditing fee for every manufacturing facility engaged in the production of your products, to make sure they are qualified enough and have track record to satisfy your needs.
We offer 24/7 Customer Service and Liaison between you and your Manufacturing Partners.
Swairah offers Field Production Supervisors to monitor your production on various stages to make sure it is in compliance of your preferences.

Swairah offers End to End brand solutions including Development, Mass production, Custom Packaging, Printing and shipping. We are here to save you more.

You already have manufacturing partners overseas but the resources, cost and risk factors your company always has under consideration will keep you on your tippy toes all the time. We will save your resources to be invested on sales promotion and marketing your products instead of investing into Product Development or sourcing. Technically our services will const you any thing because we will re-negotiate the pricing you are already paying to save you even more and our services will be covered by this extra savings as well. On top of that, we will always keep at least two other qualified manufacturing partners handy in case one is not capable to handle the quantities required by you within the time line. Still you never know only one manufacturing partner is enough or you need multiple sources to keep up with the demand of your company on time as well. Your company is growing every day, you should improve your manufacturing sources at the same pace.

- Swairah is investing 10% of our revenue in research and innovation for our clients.

To stay one step ahead of the competition, Swairah brings innovative solutions as part of continuous improvement program. This program includes research and availability of innovative materials and products complimenting range of products carried by our clients. We always bring multiple choices in terms of materials used in the product development process to offer the best possible value to your end users. This is very important to keep your product as stand alone in terms of performance offered by your quality products.

Production Supervision:
- We have local well trained and qualified full time  dedicated staff on our payroll, in each country we are outsourcing for better communication between your manufacturing partners and the Management.

We have no tolerance policy when it comes to my client's interest.

Compliance to Industry Standards:
- I undersigned is life time member to ASTM bringing standards to worldwide industries for safety compliance.

Your company do not have to deal with Industry standards, We make sure each manufacturing Partner get your products certified and accepted at per ASTM Standards at their cost.

Manufacturer's Warrantee: It is mandatory for all of the manufacturing partners under our contract, to offer 100% un conditional manufacturer's life time warranty for the products manufactured in their plants.

Third Party Inspections:
- We use independent contracts well recognized worldwide for plant and product inspections with the consent of our clients for every unique project, however, 100% cost of their services is paid by Swairah and it is their job to make sure all the products are manufactured exactly at per your specifications and preferences. For mass productions, such inspections are done at least twice. Once at the start up of the production and second time before the products leaving the manufacturing facilities for shipping.

 Swairah guarantee to bring your purchasing cost 10 to 25% down without compromising with any thing compare to your last year purchases of same product lines.

Swairah gets paid from the savings, we bring on board due to resources we offer to our clients. Zero cost to your company.

- Swairah do not take any under cut, commission, bribe, share, split or compensation in any way or shape from any manufacturing partners, hired for and on behalf of our clients.

 Program Cost:
- Our services are not costing you anything in anyway and you are getting all the benefits and services for free with peace of mind as well. If you think this program can add a value in your business, please arrange a meeting with your management team to refine the program to move forward.

Cancellation of Agreement:
- You always has 90 days trial period for this program. You may cancel it for any reason if you are not  100% satisfied with the program.

Quite frankly, we do not have even one cancellation of agreement in last 10 years.

 We will appreciate your consideration and call us if you have any question.

Your direct contact in Swairah Network s the Project Coordinator will be as follows:-

Habib R. Shah
Director Marketing & Product Development,
Swairah Network,
P O Box: 750575,
Dayton, OH 45474
Tel: (937) 470-9400



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The Swairah Method™ for Project & Program Management:

An effective application of the PMBOK standards specifically designed to strike the right balance between achieving project milestones and supporting organizational change.


The motivational interviews, the understanding and interpreting, the documentation just couldn't be better. I want to thank you for conveying such a great feeling of being part of a big, big change for the better for our company. We are certainly moving in the right direction."


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